What’s The Correct Colloidal Silver Dosage For Internal Use?

An Answer To The Colloidal Silver PPM Dosage Question

There’s a lot of conflicting information to be found on the subject of Colloidal Silver, and that information gets even more confusing when you start looking at how many PPM (parts per million) silver solution you should take for internal use.

The good news for you is, I just got off the phone with an expert on Colloidal Silver and this information is going to be helpful to you.

The first Question that comes to my mind regarding the correct colloidal silver dosage is…

Is 10 PPM as effective as 250 PPM Colloidal Silver?

According to the expert I spoke with, it makes a big difference. For example, one company that makes a 10 PPM colloidal silver recommends taking about 2 ounces of their silver solution per day.

If you compare the above to a 2 ounce bottle of silver which is 250 ppm, taking a full 2 ounce bottle of 10 PPM colloidal silver is like taking 1/2 teaspoon of the 250 PPM colloidal silver. In other words, you have to take about 24 times as much for it to be super effective.

So with a quality 250 ppm colloidal silver you could take about 1/3 of a teaspoon 3 times per day (1 Teaspoon Total) and get double the dose you would with the 10 PPM, and you’d still be able to use the 2 oz bottle of 250 ppm silver for 11 more days. (12 Days Total)

To put it in simple terms, you need a lot less 250 PPM, than 10 PPM colloidal silver to get the job done.

Keep in mind, I’ve been looking for this answer for a long time, and based on all of the research I’ve done so far, this is pretty accurate.

If you are wanting to use colloidal silver to keep yourself from getting something when there’s a lot of people around you that are ill from some kind of bacteria, 10 PPM might be an effective prevention method, but….

If you have something serious, I’d go straight for the 250 ppm and take about 1/3 of a teaspoon 3 times per day. That’s about 20-25 drops out of a dropper 3 times per day. This colloidal silver dosage should be pretty effective for fighting the thing you want to get rid of.

The next question that comes into mind is regarding colloidal silver particle size. This is something very important when it comes to using colloidal silver safely. You can read about that at the following link.

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